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Formerly known as “SuperGold Saturday Night”, “THE WEEKEND PARTY SHOW” with a winning 20+ year track record is America’s longest-running weekly syndicated show… it’s a 6-hour Weekend request “party” featuring the biggest hits of the 70s, and 80s with just a splash of post-Beatles 60’s for spice and flavor. Just like The Mike Harvey Daily Show, it’s programmed with audience-tested, listener-familiar, music… formatted just like your station with Powers, Secondaries, Tertiaries and Lunars. The show’s sound and tempo reflect today’s top format leaders. It’s a contemporary-sounding show playing yesterday’s hottest hits. We play more music and take more of your listener’s calls than any other syndicated show. YOUR LISTENING AUDIENCE IS PART OF THE SHOW! Mike knows what it takes to draw listeners back to radio on weekends: His Live magnetic personality, requests, artist themes, AND the biggest hits of the Rock ‘n Roll era!


Saturday – LIVE 6 pm – 12 midnight, YOUR TIME!

  • Hours are stand-alone. You can join or end the feed any time without a loss of continuity. The show starts at 6 PM Eastern and runs through 6 AM Pacific! If you wish to continue PAST local Midnight – no problem…lots of our affiliated do!
  • FTP downloading offered for weekend programming flexibility
  • Personality driven; music intensive; 70s, and 80s and a taste of post-Beatles 60s; the favorites of the 35-54 demo
  • An excellent alternative to voice-tracking or automation
  • Local liners and IDs run over fades and leads just like your own format with your local station jingles out of every stopset
  • Local promos and positioning liners run over fades and leads just like your local format
  • Hourly format clock extensively researched and specifically designed for maximum ratings impact (5 local/5 network) in four breaks, plus an optional 5 -1/2 minutes for additional local use



Mike’s Weekend Party Show – SATURDAY

6 pm-12 midnight, EST: or
6 pm-12 midnight, CST:
6 pm-12 midnight, MT:
6 pm-12 midnight, PT:

To lock in The Mike Harvey Show for YOUR station today, contact Liz Laud by email:  or call (310) 310-234-9753